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Greed is Good? I Disagree.

By: Bo Barron
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Greed is good, eh? You sure?"][/caption] Greed is Good? I Disagree! by Bo Barron, CCIM Most brokers love Gordon Gekko. How could you not? He swings for the fences and rarely misses. He lives on the edge, bends the rules, and does th...Read More
Housing Crisis is an Ongoing Regional Opportunity

By: Diana Parent
Written by Marc Courtenay of Property   The facts and statistics speak for themselves. The number of people losing their homes by default and foreclosure procedure is soaring...   Read Entire Article Here...Read More
Is 2011 Going to be the Year of "Modify and Pacify"?

By: Jerry Anderson
I attended the Interface Distressed Asset Conference last month in Miami with our Loan Sales team leader, Pat Blount. I facilitated one of the panels on the topic of "Value, who knows"? Not only was the temperature abnormally cold, so was the outlook for commercial real estate values as we head ...Read More
From Short Sales to Loan Sales

By: Scott R. Maesel
It seems as though short sales are becoming common transactions throughout the residential side of the business. Prominent residential real estate companies in Chicago now tout themselves as Short Sale specialists. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but it goes to show how the residential i...Read More
The #CRE Buying Window is Open, as Corner-Turning Evidence Mounts

By: Steve Kawulok
Popular water cooler talk about our ailing commercial real estate marketplace may now be "so-2009". Evidence continues to mount that we have turned the corner on several levels. Most know that job creation must recover to make up for lost time, but market-timing indicators are very favorable f...Read More
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Happy Holidays from
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Commercial Real Estate 2010
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SVN | Asset Recovery Team
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